Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

[APP] Facebook for SAMSUNG Galaxy Y Duos | Y Duos Status.APK

Dear All SAMSUNG Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102) Users

This Could be my First APK that might be Useful or Not for you.

I Made This APP/APK to Provide 
Facebook Status Update Via Mobile 

In your wall is not showing "Via Mobile" anymore 
It will writed as "Via SAMSUNG Galaxy Y Duos"

The Link for Mobile Facebook is Originally made by Me:

Facebook will Ask your ID, 
Fill them with your email for Facebook 
and Password to Log in

You will Directly goes to Status Updater for Wall/Profile, 
just fill it with your Desired one.

This will show on your Wall/Status/Profile

Thats it

now your Status is not Show as "Via Mobile

but it will show as "Via SAMSUNG Galaxy Y Duos"

Here The App for your Device, 
so You don't need to Write/Save The Link
*Please Don't Mirror this Link

This is How :
  1. Just Install the Apk Normally
  2. Log in to your Facebook Account with email and password
  3. Fill in the box and Share
  4. Enjoy
    * Next if you need to Post another one you need to get back to the first page of the app without login, just need to save your log in the app.

This Is for Preview of the App on My Device (GT-S6102)

APK Known Bugs:
  1. Force Close for ROM's that not support Indonesian Language, after Post to Wall. Next I'll Fix it but maybe not so fast.
    Atleast it Tested and your Status is Show as Above. :D
Many many Thanks to:
Gusti Allah SWT for Everything
Rendy Ramdhan The Owner / Founder of indofam.com Who made the Apk for me
ndue@XDA Who made me The Picture of Robodroid Duos
Also all of you that i cannot mention it one by one here.

Link to XDA-Developers Thread: Click Me

May Allah Bless You All